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visual artist / painter

Griffiths’ works investigate subjective mind and body states in relation to the outer world phenomena and interactions. Recurring motifs of both individual and group psychotherapy, both individual and collective, recur as a speculative visual space or stage for examining the exchange between people, what can be shared, what is private and what could be opened outward.

Sailor Moustache Nurse Fuckhead Flower Supernature Maturation Man Drool Blue Head Put On Birdie A Private Affair Out Too Stong to Deny Phones 2 Serial Killers, exhibition, Platform Gallery, London U.K. Fun and Games Bitter With the Sweet Baby Eliza Griffiths, In the field (Hoboes), 2013, oil on canvas, 36" x 48" Flamingo Room In Every Dream Home Arcadia II Scene Magician The Lesson Phone Abundance Good Neighbours Get Together Librarian The Lesson II Phone Doctor Arcadia Plot Fast Runners Gamblers Perils of Hedonism Hypnotist Mob Urban Narrative Fast Runners II Urban Narrative II Another Perfect Day The Girls Penthouse Suite Turf Karate Girl IV "Need For Concern" "Need To Know" Super Bird "Drive" "Need for Speed" "Incitement" "Inclination" "Intuition" Kidult" "Feelings" "Installation View" The Pink Room Enter The Blue Room Peep Slot The Gold Room